Small Groups

At Elim, we are not a church with small groups, but a church of small groups.  A small group is an intentional gathering of people who meet regularly. Since GOD designed us for relationship, we believe it is through the connections made in small groups that GOD will help us grow.

Our small group provides three things:

  • A place to connect with others.
  • A place to protect each other.
  • A place to grow together.

Four things to know about our Small Groups:

Our groups are “free market”

“Free market” simply means group leaders are free to use their gifts and interests to determine when and where their groups meet and what they meet about. Most groups fall into one of the following categories:

  • Bible Study // Prayer
  • Men // Women // Marriage
  • Children // Youth // Teens
  • Prayer // Evangelism // Financial

We have three semesters every year

Life flows in seasons and we want to make it easy for you to be in the right small group for you in each season. This is why we have new groups that start and stop three times a year in what we refer to as “semesters”.

Our group semesters are:

  • Fall (September – November)
  • Winter (January – February)
  • Spring (April – June)

You can join a group

We would love for you to get connected in a small group. To find the right group for you, contact

You can host a group

We believe everyone has areas of strength and gifting that can benefit others. Hosting a small group is a great way to make meaningful connections. The first step toward becoming a small group leader is to attend a Small Group Lead Facilitator Training after Step Four of the Love Track. These classes are offered several times throughout the year. These sessions give you an overview of how simple it is to start a group. You’ll discover that its easier than you think.